Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The CSCS Test - your gate way for a better post in the construction career

CSCS is also known as the Construction Skill Certification Scheme. This card was established to help the construction industry as it helps in improving the quality of the work as well as accidents on the construction site. The demand spurted because of the contractors’ occupational competence. Depending upon qualification, your work type, level of experience and others it is now possible for you to select the right type of card. This card identifies your skill and knowledge in the field of construction. 

The UK Government has introduced a rule that every worker has to compulsorily be part of this program because awareness of accidents and precautionary measures help in reducing the level of accidents and at the same time improve the quality of work. The construction field has launched many jobs ranging from skilled labors to that of construction engineers. Since the field is obnoxious to accidents and dangerous because of which the government has taken measures to reduce the chances of dangers and accidents. 

It is for this reason that the construction skills certification scheme was mooted in the year 1995 and was made compulsory in the year 2000. Now every construction worker has to achieve the CSCS tests and obtain the CSCS card that certifies your abilities. You as a worker will have to hold unprecedented skills and knowledge. It is for this reason that you will have to appear for the test and to get the cards. These cards are a proof of authority, experience and knowledge in the construction industry. It also gives you easy admittance to your working platforms. 

This is a sort of test in which each construction worker has to go through basic training related to health and safety topics. In the test, you will get multiple choices and that too on a touch screen computer. You will also be provided with options to select the type of CSCS test according to ones working areas and technical skills. You will have to provide a passport size photo and ID card as proof of your identity. You will be given a set of 400 questions and these questions will be related to the card which you have applied for. You can choose these Cards as per the ones suiting your experience and the present working profile.

It is not very difficult to take the test as it can be taken at venues across the UK and other countries. Always go through a revision of the topics before attending the test even if you are a skilled worker. This test entitles you to prove your construction skill through this test. As a candidate you have to pass the test in order to be licensed as well as for getting the CSCS Cards. You can register your name very easily from the several websites available. You will also be provided with study materials in the form of CDs and book are available to prepare for the test. So it is high time that you register your name for the test.

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