Monday, 4 February 2013

How to get a CSCS Card and CSCS Application form explained

cscs application formThe Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is your certificate of competence in the construction industry. This scheme was established in 1995. If you look at the card from an employer’s point of view, having this card on hand demonstrates to your clients that the company has the skills, expertise as well as  competent enough to handle the job. It is something which makes a whole lot of difference between winning and losing a contract. For clients as well as their representatives, it provides a simple way to ensure that those who are working with them have the requisite skills as well as health and safety knowledge so as to undertake their work competently and safely.
Increasingly, anyone who is keen on undertaking maintenance, conservation, repair or restoration of historic sites is now required by clients and contractors to show a valid CSCS card. It is this card which is an easy way to prove that you are competent in your occupation and at the same time have all the health and safety awareness. Moreover, this card is similar to that of a credit card. It also has your photo and a unique identification number also it can be easily to slip into your wallet and ready to be used as an identification.
So what is the importance of CSCS? CSCS was in vogue for the past 10 years. It was started in order to help the construction industry get quality up and running with the accidents down and other builders out. These are even now said to be the scheme's main objectives. In order to apply for the Card, you have to pass the Health, Safety and Environment test. Moreover, you have to prove that you have the required skills to carry out your job. And other details such as how experienced you are and the type of work you are into. Another requirement is that you will have to pass the Construction Skills Health Safety and Environment Test. 
Many different type of tests are available and it is the occupation’s area which will tell you which test is the right one for you. You cscs cardmust have a credit or debit card to pay for the card and your current or previous employer’s details including contact name and telephone number.  The card will be delivered to you 5 days. Moreover, if you are aware of which card you need to apply for then you can download the CSCS application form, complete it and return it with the documents mentioned.  
Once all the required information has been received, the card will be send to you within 20 days. We will help you in every possible way right from how to decide which card you need all the way to helping you to fill out your CSCS cards application form and everything in between. In the final step we will confirm your payment details with the agent and wait for your application form, fill it out and post it in and get your cscs card.

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