Thursday, 3 January 2013

CSCS Cards - why getting the right CSCS card Important?

cscs cardEmployers who are into jobs related to infrastructure development or construction are making the requirement of employees holding CSCS cards mandatory if they need to work on their sites. This helps them and also their valuable clients to have an assurance that the workers are not only aware of the construction skills, but they are adhering to the health and safety standards to be followed. An employee who is looking forward for a construction career should be aware that regular and frequent checks are carried on the holders of the card using a hand help scanner or through the central database to make sure that the cards are still valid. The wrong card holders whose experience and job profile doesn’t match, has to leave their workplace immediately.
It is relatively important that workers who are looking forward for a promising career in construction should be aware about the different types of CSCS cards available. For qualifying yourself for a card you have to:
  • Check to understand whether your profile is covered under Construction skills certification Scheme
  • Pass the health and safety test or the CSCS test
  • Register yourself for an SVQ or NVQ
  • Complete an SVQ or NVQ profiling session
Your card to work in worksites is valid for three years and is not renewable. The employees must go through a new test after the completion of three years to make sure that they are aware of the latest standards that has been newly introduced in the related field. The workers also need to go for an NVQ qualification default.
Having a card that proves your construction skills give the holder of the same an access to the construction worksites as it has been mandatory across the globe. There are several companies who are into the process of helping employees to find their right construction skill certification scheme card. They will help you in acquiring your card depending on your gained experience as well as your current situation and profile. The CSCS test is compulsory for anyone to gain the card and it is conducted at several centres including mobile test centres in the country. You can book yourself online and get registered for the health and safety test and then attend the same on the assigned date and time.cscs cards
The cards for working in construction industries are colour coded and vary with your qualification and work experience. You have RED card for graduates, for experienced and trainees, GREEN card for site operatives, GOLD card for more experienced, BLACK ones for the managers, BLUE colour for skilled workers, WHITE/YELLOW for professionally qualified employee, WHITE/GREY for occupation related to construction and finally YELLOW for the visitors to the site. Procuring this skilled excellence is very simple and an experienced person can go through the exam very easily and get their certification cleared. Getting aware of the safety measures to be followed while at work and has helped in reducing the number of accidents occurring daily in this field.

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