Monday, 21 January 2013

CSCS Test and CSCS Card

CSCS application formWith employers making Construction Skill Certification Scheme or CSCS Card mandatory for their workers and other employee at construction site, a big surge has been registered in people interested in taking the tests for CSCS Cards. But before you get CSCS application form in order to apply for CSCS Card, you need to take care of certain things and also get a info on what is CSCS Card and different types of it, apart from knowing about the CSCS Test which is a pre-requisite for being able to awarded with CSCS Card.
Apart from that you also need to know which card to apply for before getting CSCS application form. Construction Skills Certification Scheme offers a variety of different CSCS Cards depending upon the education, qualification, skills, expertise and experience. Following are the different types of CSCS Cards which are available and covers a vast array of construction related work.
Red Card: 
The Red Card is the most basic type of CSCS Card and has four variants depending upon the education and experience. Different types of Red Cards are
- Red Cards for Trainees
- Red Card for Graduates
- Red Card for experienced Managers, technicians and supervisors
- Red Card for experienced workers
Green Card:
This Green CSCS Card is for those who have either level 1 of NVQ or have a recommendation from the employer. Workers who do basic construction work at the site need to apply for the Green Card. 
Blue Card:
Blue Card is of two types, one for workers of Craft Unit Level and other for skilled workers.  In order to apply for Blue Card for Craft Unit Level, one must have a full NVQ or SVQ. And for skilled worker Blue Card, one needs to have a level 2 of NVQ or SVQ. 
Gold Card:
The Gold CSCS Card too is of two types. First type of Gold Card is for skilled worker and other for people in the field of Supervisory. Both the cards are valid for five years and require a level 3 of NVQ or SVQ prior to applying to applying for the Gold CSCS Card. 
Black Card: 
Applicable for the applicants working in managerial area, people applying for CSCS Black Card need to have a NVQ or SVQ level 4 or 5 in related occupation. A person having level 6 or 7 of QCF can also apply for a Black Card.
cscs card
White Card:
White CSCS Card is of two types. A White-Yellow Card for professionally qualified person and a White-Grey Card for construction related occupation.  The cards are valid for five years and can be renewed too after validity period. 
Yellow Card:
For people who doesn’t have any particular expertise and skill but visit construction sites on a regular basis need to have a Yellow CSCS Card. 
In order to qualify for any of the above mentioned cards, you need to pass a Safety and Environment Test, and depending upon the type of card you have applied for, the level of examination varies. 

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