Thursday, 20 March 2014

What is a CSCS Card?

A CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Card is a mandatory requirement for any individual who will be entering  a Construction site. This is because it provides the proof that an individual is fully aware of the health and safety implications of working on a Construction site. 

A CSCS Card is gained on successful completion of the appropriate CSCS test for the individual, which is dependent on their job description. The CSCS testcomprises of 50 multiple choice questions and lasts for 45 minutes. The test is about the health and safety issues of working on a Construction site. 

There are many different types of CSCS Cards which depend on an individual's job description and the qualifications that they hold.
A CSCS Card is important as it helps other colleagues understand what job roles an individual has and what their duties are on site. Also the type of CSCS Card an individual has helps employers see how qualified an individual is and if they would meet potential job requirements. Hence, holding a higher level CSCS Card is beneficial for an individual in the Construction field as it helps the individual stand out for potential employers.

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