Wednesday, 12 March 2014

CSCS Cards. Why are they so important?

CSCS Cards are extremely important for anyone in the Construction Industry who will be working on a Construction site. Firstly, their main importance is that they provide proof that an individual is fully aware of the health and safety implications of working on a Construction site. Secondly, they are important as the CSCS Card that a particular individuals holds, shows their level of expertise and how qualified they are. Also, it gives a good indication as to the role of a person on a Construction site, for example a manager of a construction site will have a different card to a Construction site visitor. 

A CSCS Card is achieved by successfully passing a CSCS Test appropriate for the individual. All questions in the test are regarding the various health and safety issues of working on a Construction site.

There are varying levels of CSCS Cards that can be gained. This will depend on a person's job description and on their qualifications. The most common qualifications for the Construction industry are Construction NVQ's which can be taken on varying Construction areas. The higher the level an NVQ an individual has, the higher the level of CSCS Card they can gain.

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