Thursday, 6 March 2014

Construction NVQ. Why is it so important in the Construction Industry?

A skill is something which is learnt over time and expertise in a certain field comes over years of experience. No matter how  good a skill an individual has in a certain trade, there needs to be a test in place to measure a skill and hence gain a qualification which is recognised by employers and nationally. The Construction trade is vast and there are various skills that can be learnt from carpentry to plastering.

The best thing about gaining a Construction NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) is that an individual does not have to miss out on a days' pay. Most examiners go to the Construction site where the individual is working and assess the individual's skills. There are many different levels of NVQ  that can be achieved. The higher the level of NVQ that can be achieved the more the individual will stand out to potential employers.

A CSCS Card is a mandatory card which needs to be taken on a Construction site. It is proof that an individual has sat a Health Safety and Environmental Test and is aware of the health and safety implications of working on a Construction site. By gaining a higher level of NVQ a more advanced CSCS Card can be achieved. This means that an individual will stand out more to potential employers.

In all, a Construction NVQ is a very beneficial qualification to gain and can help significantly with job prospects.

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