Monday, 20 January 2014

Interested in career progression? Then gaining an Construction NVQ qualification may be the answer for you!!

The construction industry has a wide range of subjects ranging from  carpentry  to plastering. Many people in the construction are not qualified and are working due to their experience in their particular subject.  This is why gaining an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) in their subject is a  great way to stand out for potential employers. Not only will it mean gaining a vast knowledge in their field of work, but also will gain a nationally recognised qualification. There are levels of NVQ ranging from level 1-7 and the higher a qualification you achieve, the more expertise you can gain in that subject.

The most advantageous thing about gaining an NVQ Qualification is that you do not have to miss a day's work and an examiner will come to examine your acquired skills on site. Also having a Construction NVQ Qualification means that you can gain a more advanced CSCS Card which is essential for working safely on a Construction site.

Overall, the best way to progress your career in Construction is to gain a NVQ Qualification to become more skilled in our field of work and also to stand out more for potential employers.

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