Thursday, 9 January 2014

Yellow CSCS Card-Construction Site Visitors have an obligation to have a CSCS Card.

CSCS Cards are mandatory for anyone visiting a Construction Site. Not only for  skilled workers, but even for individuals who may be coming into contact with a Construction Site for administrative purposes. CSCS Cards are mandatory as they provide proof that an individual is aware of the health and safety implications of being on a construction site, where there can be very heavy machinery and  vehicles. 

A Yellow CSCS Card can be issued to anyone who has passed the Operatives Health, Safety and Environmental Test. The individual does not have to have any qualifications as the card just allows the individual to enter the site safely and legally. They will not be able to carry out any skilled work with this card, for example labour work. In case the individual wants to carry out other skilled work they will need to obtain a different CSCS Card which gives them the authority to carry out the work in their specialist field.

In all, the Yellow CSCS Card is a Construction Site Visitor Card and it shows the importance of having a good knowledge of the health and safety implications of working on site.

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