Wednesday, 5 February 2014

CSCS Health, Safety and Environmental Test. Why is it so important for the Construction Industry?

The Construction Industry is a large scale industry which has a variety of job prospects for individuals to choose from. As the Construction Industry involves building structures from the foundation to the top, it also comes with a responsibility for a lot of care to be taken whilst working on site. This is because there is use of heavy machinery along with hazardous materials and corrosives etc. It is  therefore essential that for all people who will be entering a Construction site, they need to follow strict guidance and rules in order to work under health and safety regulations. This is where the Health,  Safety and Environmental Test is very important to take, as it ensures that the individual understands the risks of being on site. It is a legal requirement to have passed this test before going on site. 

There are 3 different types of CSCS Tests which can be taken depending upon the candidates job description and the level of responsibility undertaken by them.  The three types of tests are the Operatives Test, Specialist Test and Managers and Professionals Test. On successfully passing the test, the candidate can apply for an appropriate CSCS Card which is a mandatory card in order to enter or work on a Construction site. In all, the CSCS Health, Safety and Environmental Test is designed to ensure the safety of all individuals working on site and that the individuals do not pose a threat to other colleagues on site by unsafe practice.

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