Wednesday, 27 February 2013

CSCS Cards - for your safe work zone

cscsOften people admire at the amazing buildings that come up with multiple stories. The hard work and risks involved is the another fact to consider in these architectural monuments. The construction industry which established the CSCS Card scheme in1995 had promulgated this system for the aptitude purposes of the workers. The possession of this card for an employer means that his establishment has the apt ability for the job which in turn will help him win over a contract. This scheme is also a way to check every employee working for their project has the exact skill and is also healthy enough for the successful completion of their project.
This system was introduced by the Government to improve the quality of work in the industry of construction and even to lessen the accidents. The demand for CSCS cards has been increasing recently as it suggests a good proof of the worker’s knowledge of the work concerned and their know-how about the safety in the work. Agents and contractors demand for a CSCS card for the repair, maintenance, protection or restitution of the sites. 
In England her tradition is making it compulsory by making all the contractors of all building works, be it repair or maintenance for all the workers to possess the CSCS Card. The intention behind this is that the CSCS system will make the workers knowledgeable about the health and safety measures to be followed while at site. Accessibility to site based works will be denied to the workers and visitors who do not possess the CSCS cards.  
To secure the CSCS card, the test of health and safety has to be cleared first which can be done online with the help of registered websites. This test can be taken at any time as and when the worker wishes considering the safety of the workers Government has made the test compulsory. Even experience of the workers will not be considered without the certification through Construction Skill Certification Scheme. The card accrued along with the certification proves your skill in this field. 
The material of this card is actually plastic and the size of just a credit card. The person’s name, photo and a reference number will be printed on the card. The card is a proof of the worker’s occupation and that he has finished his training successfully in health, safety after taking tests. The CSCS Cards differ in colors depending on the worker’s designation which in turn are valid for three or four years. The difference of the card depends on the color of the card such as, green for the operators on the site, red for the trainees and for experienced workers goes the gold or blue color. 
Card holders can better their positions by taking special trainings. Most or infact all the construction companies especially in the UK CSCS cards have become compulsory. Admission to the construction sites will be denied without the card. The construction industries need to set their standards of work, to bring the comfort levels and convenience to the present infrastructure with these CSCS cards.  

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