Monday, 4 March 2013

CSCS Card - construction worker smart card

cscsConstruction skills certification scheme is a scheme that was set up for workers on construction site. CSCS card is issued to the workers for the improvement of their level of work; ensure safety, also as identification. A database is created with the names of the workers on site and this record the occupational excellence of each and every worker. Like an examination these workers are noted, a successful attempt of each worker is recognized, and it is certified with CSCS card.
This is an authentic certificate for the efficiency of the worker onsite. CSCS card is like an identity card provided to prove the competency level of the workers. Every worker who has registered for it should necessarily undergo a series of health and safety test. This scheme is accessible by an employer or the worker. They can apply for the right card according to their type of occupation. It is like a smart card for the employees to improve the competence of the workers on the site, as this card holds the record of their competence, and is a proof of their expertise that is necessary for them to hold the CSCS card. 
Many of the construction skills environment websites have helpline that can answer the queries to help the applicant. The validity of this card is for a period of five years and it should be renewed eventually with the same registration and tests undertaken again. The tests are conducted in a very technical way; it tests the knowledge of the worker mainly on the safety measures and working etiquette of the worker onsite. There are different types of occupation sections from which the worker or the employer can choose their CSCS card like CCDO for demolition operatives, CPCS plant operatives, CISRS Scaffolders, ACE engineering construction workers etc., as mentioned above the health, safety and environment test is a touch screen test that differs from the different occupation section of the worker.
Based on each section the test varies and the card type will tell the worker which level he has to answer. By taking these tests, the safety and the productivity can be monitored and improved onsite. These tests take place on the accredited testing units. There is no use of any test without standard revision materials, the same is applicable for these tests too and the construction scheme websites themselves provide the applicants with the revision materials according to the type of card they apply for. 
Apart from the CSCS, two things are taken as exemptions in case of the skill test the NVQ (National vocational Qualification) and SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification). These are work based excellence certificates given in London and its neighbouring countries for onsite construction workers. New workers with these standards need not take the construction skills health, safety and environment test when buying the card for the first time. Overall, the CSCS card emphasises the work culture and the safety of the worker and the construction site. This excellent scheme brings down the accidents and unsecured working environment.

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